If you’re reading this, chances are you are in your quarantine bubble at home. 

It’s easy to feel anxious with all the news, worrying figures and statistics circulating right now. 

Negative emotions, anxiety, fear, worry, and stress are easy to feel especially in a closed environment with the same people or even by yourself. 

We can all do our part, all you have to do is stay home. 

How do we manitain our sanity and a sense of normality while at home? Some of us may be confined to our house with family or friends. Research shows us that domestic violence can increase when families are confined in one place for prolonged periods of time. How do we navigate this during this time and keep ourselves and our family safe? Here are some tips from the #catchyourself campaign in New Zealand. 

Step 1: #CatchYourself – Stop – know your triggers and warning signs

Step 2: Take a step back – Breathe

Step 3: Calm the mind – Think before you act

Step 4: Act with respect – Be kind and focus on maintaining respectful relationships

How do we improve our positive outlook during lockdown? 


1. Set goals for things you’ve wanted to do but never really had the time to do. 

2. Learn new things like how to cook or a new language.

3. It could be starting to workout again or finally taking the first step to do so. Do this with the kids if you have them. 

4. Reading & journaling, writing a book. 

5. Communicate with people outside your bubble. Video call, WhatsApp and Skype.

If you’ve had a project that you’ve been trying to do now would be the time to achieve it ? 

Ask yourself better questions, turn that “Why is this happening to me?” to “How can I use this to my benefit?”

Set yourself a schedule to follow. While you may not have to do it in military fashion, creating routine and organizing your time will help keep your mind occupied and sane. 

These are unprecedented times. It may take some time and it may take some sacrifice. But if we all do our part, we can all pull through this stronger than ever.