Yet, with the growingly hectic nature of our lives, we lose sight of the areas in which we need to focus our attention to live our lives to the fullest.

Here are the 4 areas YOU need to get in order TODAY!:


The most important relationship we have, is the realtionship with self. How you show up in life, is how you show up in life. When was the last time you took time out to connect with yourself, your spirit your higherself. If your after a life that is all you want and more, you must meditate. Meditation when done properly is the one true way, we know to bring calm to almost any situation you face. Practising patience, compassion and self love is not weekness it is your biggest strength.


Talk to any outlier in life. Whatever field you chose to study. Singers, actors, Athletes, Presidents. They all have one thing in common. It’s a specific goal or vision for their lives that they want to dedicate their lives to. For Muhamad Ali, it was to become the greatest boxer that ever lived. For you, it might mean starting that business you’ve always dreamed about. Whatever it might be, it’s important not to lose focus on what your heart wants the most in the static of life. Prioritize the projects & goals you have set for yourself above anything. If you really want to achieve your ideal life, you must compromise first. 


You know the old sayings on the importance of determining who you choose to surround yourself with. But this goes beyond that. You must obviously be mindful of the people you talk to because whether you like it or not, eventually you absorb their mannerisms, ideas & energy in subtle ways. More importantly, however, is the need to truly develop meaningful relationships to those you care about. It’s about practicing gratitude and not taking certain people in your life for granted. Take some time & think about those people whom you would love to spend more time with or deepen your bond with. This could be anyone from your auntie that you haven’t talked to in years or just Mark from the office whom you haven’t talked to since last Tuesday. There’s no limitations to this aspect of your life. 


It’s no secret that the mind holds an immense power not only on our physical bodies but our reality of life itself. It DEFINES in a sense our reality. If we choose to let ourselves sulk in negative thoughts & perspectives of our lives, we are rendered useless to the power it will hold against us. It will hinder us from reaching our true potential in whatever aspect of life you choose to pursue. It’s when you flip the mentality of being a victim in difficult situations to that of resilience & resourcefulness that pushes you out of a problem in life. It’s when you choose to expect not only great things from yourself but to expect to be the best in any field you are in that you start to see it manifest into your results. It’s when you choose to pursue this fortitude of the mind above all that it simply just comes to you.


This seems to me like one of the most relevant aspects of your life that you need to control in my opinion. Most of us live a lifestyle of abundance. You may not be on Forbes List but chances are you live a comfortable life with considerable luxuries other people may not have. It’s easy to get caught up in the materialistic nature of our society & lease out a new luxury car every year. Don’t get me wrong. Having nice things is not something to be ashamed of. Quite the contrary. It’s a reward to yourself for the hard work you have put in. But, it is always important to remember the fine line between purchasing things wisely & purchasing to fill a high for the latest gadget or house. Dave Ramsey, America’s most prominent financial adviser, says this on consumerism, “ We buy expensive things we don’t need with money we don’t have all to impress people we don’t even like.” I think this sums it best & provides the right lens through which to view this dangerous game.