Oftentimes, when selling ourselves shorts in comparison to others, we tend to trigger a downward spiral of self-criticism. Maybe your co-worker got that promotion you were eagerly anticipating and you’re left with nothing to do but to wonder why you weren’t the one who got. You start thinking of all the negative aspects of yourself. Bringing back old mistakes & habits seems to add fuel to your made-up narrative. It makes sense in your head & you start to feel really insecure about yourself. We distract ourselves with TV shows, social media or whatever emotional outlet we can find or prefer to numb the feelings of inadequacy that comes with comparison. Evidently, this only treats the symptoms and doesn’t target the root of the dilemma. 

Again, we have to be honest with ourselves without being our harshest critic. Constantly reevaluating our value to others & ourselves is exhausting and will lead to you continually addressing the wrong issue. You have to learn to accept your flaws and understand that you are not worthy of value & love despite them but rather because of them. It is your individuality that holds your true value. While these words may feel easy to see, they may not be the easiest to incorporate in your own personal doctrine. This is a process that takes time & sometimes lasts a whole lifetime. I encourage you to start this process & derive happiness not from the final result but rather the process of getting to truly know yourself & loving every part about you. 

By using the Feel app we can truely can an understanding of our self distructive patterns of beahvious and work to conciously rewire our thinking to think differently.