Feel is an Emotional Awareness Platform.

The FEEL app shows you how to safely share your feelings, bring about balance, understand yourself, and helps you create a community of people you care about and trust.

In this day and age communities that care for each other are more important than ever before.

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Enter Your Mood

The first step is about being authentic

Feel is a Humanitarian Social Network it measures a person’s emotional wellbeing in the present moment and over time and creates awareness for not only yourself but your trusted community of close friends and family.

Feel will help you understand your feelings, your emotions while creating awareness with the people you trust.



Life Areas

Bringing Balance to your Life

As you use Feel you’ll begin to notice patterns of behavior. Feel will help you assess your life as it is now and help you recognise continued patterns of behaviour, patterns that you can improve, to bring about change and bring about balance.

You Create Your Community

Your Community Supports You

Create your community of people anywhere in the world, share how you feel and be there for one another when needed most.

Feel enables and empowers a responsive support network in a way that was never possible before.