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  • Feel connects your community and allows you to check-in with your bros, often you don't know how they are and you assume they're sweet and when you catch up you find out they've been battling a bit. It's unreal. Tim – Fleet Manager
  • It's so simple, you really create the standard of how you want to be each day. This is what I need to do to wake up feeling better tomorrow to shift my state. Aaron – Security
  • The Feel app brings about self-awareness, you have to check in with yourself each day. The most important relationship we can have is the relationship with self. Feel helps you bring balance into your life. Richie – Sales Training & Mentoring
  • It's nothing short of amazing! I don't have to find the words, I tell the app how I'm feeling and before you know it you've got several of your close friends seeing if you're ok. Adam – Royal Australian Navy Chief
  • To have the Circle of Friends that I trust to see how I'm feeling, I can only tell you how powerful it is that they can check up on me and I can return the favor. It's Powerful. Louis – Videographer & Creative
  • What I love about the feel app is that it allows people like myself, who find it hard to put things into words, how they are feeling. It allows you to reach out to your community and them to you! It's definitely time for something like this! Taine – Logistics